Our Mission

The mission of the Alumni Association of Lincoln University, Inc. is to cooperate with the Trustees and faculty in advancing all interests of education generally by increasing the number of students in all departments of instruction, and to strengthen and perpetuate the ties which bind the alumni to each other and to their Alma Mater.

The goals of the Alumni Association of Lincoln University, Inc, are to:

  1. be recognized as a unified alumni body as we endeavor to unify alumni leadership;
  2. raise funds for our Alma Mater;
  3. recruit qualified students; and
  4. encourage alumni to increase individual financial support regularly.



Our Officers

Dot Smallwood, ’78, President        

John C. Johnston III, ’89, First Vice President

Lorella Dicks, ‘80, Second Vice President

Jill Johnston, ’87, Treasurer

Jamie Johnson '84, Recording Secretary

Tamika Daniels '98, Corresponding Secretary

Gloria Hartwell, ’79, Chaplin

Stan Smallwood, ’76, Parliamentarian

Jamie Johnson '84, Chapter Representative

Judith Fitzgerald '85, Membership Chairperson

Esauren Phyer, Gloria Hartwell '79, Art and Culture Chair

Keshawn Golson, ‘99, Public Relations/Technology Chair

Vacant, Athletic Committee Chair